learn how we can do blogging for free? 

Today we will learn how we can do blogging for free? how we can do blogging for free :- There are many platforms that provide you the opportunity to do blogging for free, but the best method is a tool made by Google, which is above all the free tools.

Blogger (https://www.blogger.com/) In this you can earn money by blogging for free. If we know about Blogger, then blogging in Blogger is very easy. You can create as many blogs as you want here. Because Blogger is a product of Google itself, that is why your blog can easily handle thousands of crores of traffic too. What is traffic? How many users are visiting your blog, or we can say how many users came to your blog in a month, this number of users is called website traffic.

What do you need to make a blog in us blogger?

All these things are needed to create your own blog for free or to start your own blog in Blogger. 1. gmail account 2. A topic (on which you have to make a blog) 3. Your time (how much time can you give in a day)

How can we do blogging for free?